A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My submission for MiniLD #58!

One note about this game that won't be immediately obvious when playing it: it uses a simple tracking system to learn which keys you miss most often, and it selects words based on these stats. I think it's a pretty neat little feature :)

Basic instructions:

Type the word shown once the game starts. You lose if you let the ball past you, but if you don't finish a word the ball won't necessarily get past you. (this is intended). You get more points for finishing the word quicker, but it also speeds up the ball. In addition, getting the ball past the opponent grants you an extra 1000 points.

Published Mar 28, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux

Install instructions

On Linux, just install love (love2d.org) and run "love TyPong.love"


MiniLD.love 647 kB
TyPong-macosx-x64.zip 4 MB
TyPong-win32.zip 3 MB
TyPong-win64.zip 4 MB